I wake up every day appreciative to all my clients for the opportunity we get to serve them. After many, many years of growing a freelance client base, in 2014 I decided it was time to build a team and focus on running the business while delivering to our clients an impressive amount of graphic design skills and marketing services. That’s when Bongo Press LLC was born. My life journey has brought me here. From learning the arts in a vocational high school to working for large corporations such Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of NY, Lockheed Martin and Disney all of which contributed in making me a better pressman, graphic designer and business owner. I hope you too give us the opportunity to serve you.


A native of New York and a seasoned veteran of 29 years in the graphic art/design & promotional/marketing field, I have recently relocated to South Carolina. Still learning more and more all the time about design and design application. I always look forward to the challenges and excitement of seeing a conceptual idea come to life…


I am a Web Developer & Designer with over 20 years of experience. My passion for my career shows in every project I work on. I strive to make every client feel comfortable and informed when it comes to the web and related technologies. I also take great joy in learning about the latest web advancements and solutions.